CRAZY.gifI FURIOSI's CD CRAZY was launched in September of 2008 on the Dorian/Sono Luminus   label. Music around the subject of insanity.





Defiled Is My (Middle) Name - CD

defiledcover.jpgStylish in both sound and appearance, I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble performs instrumental and vocal musicfrom mediaeval chant to the apex of the High Baroque. In-depth research coupled with striking invention culminate in a powerful interpretation of the languages and the music. The ensemble unearths music that is rarely heard on stage, and performs it with a relevance to today's society which is unmatched by Early Music groups worldwide. 



Gabrielle McLaughlin - Swell, Burst and Dye

Gabrielle McLaughlinThis programme is meant to take the audience through the rise and fall of a life. It begins with the pleasant sounds of music, song and morning. It works through pubescent drama toward the resignation of adulthood and the sometime despondency of middle age. The programme closes with the acquiescence to death or sleep. Thus, it Swells, Bursts and Dyes.



Aisslinn Nosky - Bach Ysaÿe Oesterle

Aisslinn NoskyThe music on this recording was originally presented as a solo recital in Toronto in April of 2011 . The idea to perform a recital centred around the Bach E Major Partita and to partner it with other pieces which used the Bach as a source of inspiration had been percolating in my brain for quite a while.



Julia Wedman - Biber: Mystery Sonatas

Julia WedmanPassion, excitement, sorrow, and celebration all fill the room with this new exciting release of Biber: Mystery Sonatas by Julia Wedman. Though the Mystery Sonatas (also called the Rosary Sonatas) weren’t discovered until the late 19th century, these master works of violin virtuosity that employs extensive scordutura (multiple tunings) for the performer have become a favorite of Baroque Music lovers and violinists the world over. After 2 years of research leading up to the recording, Ms. Wedman has brought a new life and impassioned vision to these works.



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